Dr. Jens-Uwe Meyer

Leading International Keynote Speaker for Innovation and Digitization

Europe’s No. 1 expert on innovation and digital disruption. Provocative, thrilling, entertaining. His messages inspire top managers and entrepreneurs across Europe. Scientifically proven. Published in 13 books and hundreds of articles. Dr. Jens-Uwe Meyer earned his doctorate with his dissertation on the innovative capabilities of companies. He is a software architect and Internet entrepreneur. With his company Innolytics® he develops disruptive innovation and consulting software. As a leading keynote speaker, he inspires thousands of listeners every year with his interactive entertaining style.

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Thank you very much for your excellent keynote at the Pirelli Night 2019, powered by Autoscout24.ch.
It was very motivating and inspiring for our audience.

Piere-Alain Regali, Managing Director, Autoscout24 Switzerland
sabine kohleisen

Dr. Jens-Uwe Meyer’s keynote speech was a great achievement. His message was perfectly conveyed to our executives.

Sabine Kohleisen, Chairwoman of the Executive Board, Mercedes-Benz Retail Germany
Doris Samm

Many of our guests told me in a personal conversation that they simply loved your presentation.

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Doris Samm, University of Applied Sciences Aachen

Thanks for the great speech. Dr. Jens-Uwe Meyer has inspired our customers.

Heiko Packwitz, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Lufthansa Industry Solutions






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Dr. Jens-Uwe Meyer is one of the most influential speakers on the topics of innovation, digitalization, creativity and brainstorming.

Digital Winners

In his new book, Dr. Jens-Uwe Meyer radically clears up the clichés of digitalization. And encourages. Because digitization begins in the mind and not in Silicon Valley.

Dr. Jens-Uwe Meyer is a member of the exclusive group of opinion leaders at manager magazin and other social platform. His latest contributions:

Digital Disruption

Digital Disruption. Where are you?

When do cars drive autonomously? Already tomorrow? Or in ten years from now? When do we say farewell to cash? And when will we no longer have to collect paper receipts and take them to the tax consultant as a paper file?

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Innovation management checklist – an overview of the 15 most important initiatives

Business innovation and successful digitalization are among the key drivers of success in the future. More and more, the development and implementation of innovations in every area of the company is becoming a source of competitive advantage. In the past, innovation management was mainly limited to the development of product innovations. Today, innovation takes place in every area of the company.

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Customer Co-Creation JUM

Customer co-creation – how to integrate customers successfully into your innovation process

Customer co-creation has become an integral part of the innovation management of companies. As part of the innovation process customers are directly involved in the product development, in the development of service innovations or digital business models. Customer co-creation is a special form of Open Innovation and Co-creation – i.e. the opening of the innovation process.

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Idea Objection

Top 10 Innovation Killer Phrases

In many of the companies we work with, we hear killer phrases regarding the need for business innovation.

  • One side says: “Digitization and business innovation will change markets more radically in the next decade than in the past twenty years. Innovation, a clear innovation strategy with an innovation roadmap and the development of digital business models are among the most important tasks for companies in the coming years. Innovation management has never been so important than it is today”.
  • The other side says, “It’s not possible. We have to invest. We need to build-up know-how. And we still don’t know if all this pays off. Let’s focus on the existing business”

Who’s right? And are the killer phrases to innovation really valid? Here are our personal top 10 killer phrases why innovation is not the right strategy. And why the right time for innovation has still not come.

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Lateral Thinking

Lateral thinking in management

Imagine two managers who are responsible for product development and innovation management in their companies. One of these managers has a so-called “linear” thinking style. This means that he approaches idea generation and idea development with conventional methods. The other is a lateral thinker looking for unusual ideas from which radical innovation could emerge. Both managers want to launch a new fruit juice on the market. They’re both looking for the right mix. The lateral thinker considers using a novel type of fruit and tests it with consumers. The first reactions are rather disappointing.

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“Thank you very much for your content quality and perfect presentation!”

Christiane Dittrich, RWE Product/Marketing concepts

„The topic has provided much discussion material. Our guests liked your presentation very much.“

„Thank you for your inspiring keynote! It is very refreshing to address issues openly and without compromise.“